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PHSM-Calendar 9.53 (2017/10/18)
PHSM-Calendar is a Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Desktop gadget. This is a perpetual calendar that shows Week numbers, Leap year, Number of day, Daylight sawing time and Time zone info. - PHSM-Calendar supports a Flash player clock - currently there are 198 different clocks available (37 types). - PHSM-Calendar supports a html5 clock - currently there are 78 different html5 clocks available (21 types). - PHSM-Calendar also provides a Countdown / Stop Watch timer and an Alarm Clock function. - The format of Date and Time can be set by the user. - The Week format (Sunday or Monday as first day of the week) can be set by the user. - The Week numbering (first week = week with 1st of January / first week = week with first Thursday) can be set by the user. - The clock can be set to Strike the Hour with various selectable sounds. - User defined marking of dates - for example birthdays - is possible in the calendar part. - Audio-Visual notification of the marked dates is possible. - English and Danish are supported. - PHSM-Calendar can be run as a gadget under Windows 8 & 10 after installing 8GadgetPack from - PHSM-Calendar can be used as an Active Desktop item under Windows XP. - PHSM-Calendar can be inserted in an iframe or a frame on a webpage. Click here to read more. Online demo. --

MultiArc MVV Build (2017/10/14)
MultiArc allows viewing, extracting and modifying contents of archives that are not supported by Total Commander directly (e.g. IMP, InnoSetup, JAR). MultiArc translates the commands from Total Commander into corresponding external console archiver calls. You can easily add support for your favorite archiver by editing MultiArc.ini. MultiArc MVV Build continues official MultiArc version taken from its repository. All additions and fixes introduced by this build are listed below in history and in Readme.txt file. MultiArc addons and extensions may be found here and in the forum discussion. (discussion is here)

CudaText 1.22.0 (2017/10/12)
Cross-platform text editor. Flat look. Lite interface. * Supports syntax hiliters from SynWrite (160+ lexers). * Config system in JSON files: you need to open "default" config, copy lines to "user" config and edit lines in it. * Multi-carets, multi-selections. * Flat UI. * Command palette. * Python plugins. Wiki: Author: UVViewSoft

EML New 1.2 (2017/10/11)
Content plugin for show some info from *.eml files. This is new independet version of wdx_eml plugin (

TCIMG 21.0 (2017/10/10)
TCIMG - utility to execute a certain command Total Commander and perform additional actions. Powerful tool to extend the functionality Total Commander and other programs. Aims to automate monotonous operations associated with the file, system, software, window operations. Fully portably, ie requires no installation and does not contribute to the registry or anywhere else for more information. The archive utility to help the description of all the teams and more than 10.400 examples of the utility. Allows you to issue commands Total Commander + internal + custom + special Opens the specified path in the right panel + + in a new tab + support opening multiple paths in new tabs + support go directly to the file Emulates keystrokes in the active window Switches keyboard Delays at the time of executing the following command Supports Clipboard + Writes text to the clipboard + Returns the text from the clipboard + Modifies and adds the information to the clipboard + Converts search and replace with regular expression support + encodes, decodes + Encrypts, decrypts + Stores, cleans + more than 30 sub-parameters Summons + program, depending on the bit system. +, Depending on the system name. + + Allows the parameters to pass to parameters in the cycle list of objects + allows the transmission parameters of the way objects + allows the transmission line parameters from the clipboard window + hide + wait for the completion of the program + use a progress bar to show progress support for special folders Allows you to work with ini files + rename, delete, record + clean, replace section Works with the registry + Opens the specified branch in the registry + Imports. reg file to the registry + Exports the specified section / option in the reg-file + recursively copies the section, including sub-sections and parameters + Delete key or value + Creates a registry key or value in the registry Renames + elements with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) + c addition of information from wdx plugins + for regular expressions + + correction coding using clipboard + with + input the necessary information to support display all the files without subdirectories ... Copies the elements + with + display progress bar with customizable conditions + renaming + registered in the folders you create ... Move items + more than 30 sub-parameters Creates lists from different parts of the selected items + more than 30 sub-parameters Restarts + Total Commander + program by process name Create a folder in the list + + with the transition to the newly created folder + + with the necessary conditions of a predetermined number Drops files + + empty the contents of the clipboard + encoded + list + template Create a library of icons Extract icons from files Opens the link in a given browser Clears the cart on all drives Allocates + different objects from the list, clipboard with ... + different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) Removes / Sets attributes for files and directories + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) Deletes files and folders + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) Has the language file (may be translated into other languages) Creates a pop-up window with the image Works with window classes + allows click on the buttons in different windows without emulation keystrokes + show / hide the specified window + prohibit / allow access / drawing window + set + to change the transparency of the window title bar text. + Assign attribute "top" + read information from windows + expect + to expect the appearance of the window closes the window + expect + availability window element set the text to the specified items + transfer window focus to the window / window element Create Shortcut + regular + relative + + more than 15 sub-parameters opens a relative path shortcut in Total Commander Assigns folders icons Changes the modification, creation, last access 15 + more subparameters archives using WCX plugins Total Commander + with specified conditions + with automation actions under the same names in the background + + expects completion packaging Batch changes in text files information Batch add / remove / replace the object comments Manages Winamp Advances tray slides or CD-drive Uploads reference list Add / Remove associations in Total Commander Batch extracts / converts and stores various information contents of text files Combines text files with advanced formatting Creates customized popup with text Creates varying difficulty entering information dialogs + + + select information display information Plays mp3, wma (mini player) Viewing color codes + reads codes any place of the screen displays the color code + Clipboard + supports selecting and configuring the color prints + color code to the clipboard in a specified format Turns on / off / volume Changes in the system Changes the title text of the specified window Sets the size / weight of the font in Total Commander Set the size of the icons in the file panels in Total Commander Displays various information objects, system, Total Commander Makes switching between the circle Changes Total Commander + menu highlights one of the system colors + sets / clears the status unavailable (gray) menu + is specified menu item Completes / Restarts process Closes / keeps tabs Total Commander Starts the help files CHM, with the introduction of the search string and the transition section. Encrypts / decrypts files Runs the list of commands from a file + + section of Archives / unzip zip and more ... --------------------------------- Discussion 1 - Discussion 2 - Online Help - --------------------------------- Help with dark style

KillWork (2017/10/08)
This is a small utility that will help you to forcefully terminate any running ontrolled and uncontrolled processes, regardless of the number of running instances of these processes. The program can terminate processes whose names from clip. Also, the program can terminate processes using the command-line parameters passed. Also, it is possible to create your own settings (Presets) for frequently-terminated processes. To new version added new functional.

SQLite Viewer (2017/09/26)
Simple plugin for TC for view SQLite database files. Supports *.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3 and *.fossil extensions. Supports up to 2TB files, no sqlite3.dll needed. Supports data types described in this document: About auto creating any additional files when some database viewing (and open these databases from read-only sources):

CudaText - Addons pack 2017.09.25 (2017/09/26)
Collection of addons/plugins for CudaText editor. To install any plugin from zip, open zip in CudaText. Offsite:

EMLView 1.2.3 (2017/09/22)
Lister plugin for view e-mail messages files (*.eml). This is new independed version of EML Viewer plugin (

Folder Picture 1.2.1 (2017/09/20)
Plugin for show picture thumbnail for folder. Used folder.jpg or other pictures. Don't show anything in Lister. After first use plugin creates (in his folder) file ListOfFiles.txt with used file names. You may change it. Only file names with extensions is supported.

CSV View Beta (2017/09/20)
Lister plugin for view CSV files (*.csv). This is new independed version of CSV Viewer plugin (

SynWrite 6.40.2770 (2017/08/29)
Text editor (application installer and Lister plugin) with widest feature set: syntax highlighting for lot of languages fully customizable highlighting code folding panels: 뻣 tree structure for source code 뻣 project management 뻣 FTP/SFTP-client 뻣 clipboard history 뻣 mini-map 뻣 tools output 뻣 search results 뻣 text clips 뻣 file explorer 뻣 tabs list coding helpers: 뻣 auto-completion 뻣 code templates 뻣 expansion of html tag names by Tab key 뻣 sync. editing of all id occurances 뻣 support for Zen Coding/ Emmet 뻣 color picker + color preview 뻣 inserting of image tag 뻣 portable bookmarks 뻣 column markers support for almost all encodings search/replace with regular expressions search/replace in multiple files support for external tools, capture of console output, errors navigation strings extraction feature tabbed interface bookmarks sessions toolbar themes customizable hotkeys export to RTF/HTML HTML Tidy support and more... Application installer

PhotoViewer Beta (2017/08/28)
Plugin for view images. This is 64-bit replacement basic functions of SGViewer plugin ( Supported formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PSD, JPEG2000, EMF, WMF, DICOM, Camera RAW. Animation not supported.

firstByte 0.4 (2017/08/25)
firstByte wdx plug-in version 0.4 This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract data from file byte/word/dword hex/dec/char format. Offset may be set in configure file -- = = Capability = = -- - getting first byte/word/dword hex/dec/char format from file - getting by offset byte/word/dword hex/dec/char format from file

Expander2 0.5.1 (2017/08/09)
Initial developers and sources: Original plugin by Franck Gartemann Extended version by MVV Use it to separate filename into different string (specific char separators) for sorting puprose. If separator contain "\" then the path is also explosed. Unlimited number of parts, limit may be changed in INI (Expander2.ini). Accepts more than one divider at once - just separate them with pipe character (|). To use it edit Expander2.ini file and specify divider(s) in [Main] section of this file.

Ultra TC Editors 6.40 RC 1 (2017/07/30)
Ultra TC Editors package include the following programs: 1. Main Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander main menu. 2. Start Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander start menu. 3. Directory Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander directory menu. 4. Extended Commands Editor: for editing Total Commander extended commands. 5. Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander button bar. 6. History Editor: for editing history sections in Total Commander configuration files (Wincmd.ini and Wcx_ftp.ini) 7. Configuration Editor: database for all Total Commander configuration keys. 8. Hotkeys Editor: for modifying Total Commander hotkeys. Download Russian Help Download Dutch Help

Audio Tag View Beta (2017/07/23)
Plugin for TC for view tags from music files. Supported extensions: mp3, flac, ogg, m4a, m4r, m4b, wma, ape.

wdx_global_diz 0.9 (2017/07/15)
New version of plugin based on work by Pavel Dubrovsky ( Plugin allows assign files and directories to user groups, create user columns and store descriptions for files in global file.

SynWrite - Addons pack 2017.06.18 (2017/06/19)
Archive with major addons for SynWrite, except binary plugins. To install a zip/rar file, open it in SynWrite and confirm installation. Offsite:

TrID_Identifier 1.0 (2017/06/07)
Content plugin for show file types using TrID utility ( Utility itself not included. This is new independet version of TrID plugin (

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