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- Fix: Queuing several scripts did not work properly
- Fix: If client sent two commands at once (it isn't very nice from client to do this... but), second was ignored
- Fix: Upload failed with weird error for whatever reason
- Change: Directory size is force updated after upload
- Change: Asynchronous SSL Transfers
- Change: Fully asynchronous
- New: CGI Support
- Change: Asynchronous sockets
- Change: Much improved form handling (near perfect ;p)
- New: Win9x code paths (untested)
- New: Credits seperated from stats sections
- New: iTCL command: vfs chattr
- Fix: Stack overflow, if external script used -1 as uid/gid on !vfs:add
- Fix: Rename caused ioftpd to crash
- Fix: Renewing timers did not work (Used in transfer timeouts & telnet log reading)
- Change: All CHANGE commands were rewritten (& code documented..)
- Change: !unlock works again
- Change: Replaced SHA1 provided by libeay with one that can be found in source directory
- Change: MFC no longer used
- Change: OpenSSL replaced using microsoft SChannel - Old certificates no longer work
- Change: Using unidirectional SSL_shutdown instead of bidirectional (as not all clients support bidirectional)
- Change: Unified line reading algorithm for sockets (FTP Control/HTTP Headers)
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