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ioFTPD beta5 changeLog

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가입: 2003년 4월 9일
올린 글: 220
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 올리기올려짐: 2003-09-14 일 12:20 pm    주제: ioFTPD beta5 changeLog 인용과 함께 답변 Back to top

- New: source\Include directory (headers for developers to use)
- New: New window messages
- New: NOT (!) parameter support for commands that allow search parameters (CHANGE, STATS, USERS...)
- New: Added "ShowActivity" config line
- New: !unlock is back
- New: HTTP keep-alive support added
- New: Internal timer thread (nearly 600times faster than old window timers)
- New: Hosts.Rules
- New: Several new error messages
- New: OnDownloadComplete & OnDownloadError events
- New: xferlog (wu-ftpd/proftpd compatible transfer log)
- Fix: Infamous "Service full" bug
- Fix: Secure_Accept() could cause crash on certain circumstances
- Fix: Who shows paths properly
- Fix: Heap still was not properly serialized in unregistered version
- Fix: Bug in Secure_Accept() caused infinite loop under certain circumstances
- Fix: Worker thread counter had bug, that prevented creation of dynamic worker threads
- Fix: Two pointers were uninitialzed (oops)
- Fix: Too much memory was allocated for ident array
- Fix: Telnetd fixed
- Change: text\FTP 'login.msg' was renamed to 'welcome.msg'
- Change: passwd & group file format changed, use for conversion (works for both)
- Change: User that is online may now be deleted
- Change: New, more efficient core
- Change: Userfile caching is now more efficient in both cpu & memory wise
- Change: Groupfiles are now cached
- Change: STATIC structure layout was redesigned
- Change: Shared memory routines, now support event notification
- Change: Cookie parser cleaned up & optimized
- Change: Updated SSL key documentation "-a sha1" to "-a md5" (fixes compatability with several browsers)

beta4에서 업데이트 되면서 표면적으로 바뀐부분은
passwd, groups 화일이 UserIdTable, GroupIdTable 로 바뀌었으며 포맷또한 바뀌었습니다. 물론 ioftpd 설정도 추가된것들이 많습니다.

다음 링크에서 passwd,groups화일을 새로운 포맷으로 변환하시기 바랍니다.
'_` o
l_)_/} <-- Xcaliber™
] [ <T
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