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가입: 2003년 4월 9일
올린 글: 220
위치: Your Heart.....

 올리기올려짐: 2003-10-29 수 1:49 am    주제: ioFTPD-beta5-2-9u 인용과 함께 답변 Back to top


Beta 5.2.4-5.2.9
- Fix: Broken ident/ssl

Beta 5.2.4
- New: [ioFTPD] Encryption_Thread_Count
- Fix: Per client(/user) speed limits weren't accurate (during first two seconds of send/receive, user could get twice the amount of bandwidth allocated for him)
- Fix: Minor bug in ssl_accept routine (could cause connections to be cut off)
- Fix: Filesize for files between 2 & 4gigabytes was shown incorrectly (negative value)
- Change: ioFTPD uses now 2io threads per processor, when Io_Thread_Count is higher than the cpu count
- Change: Crc32 & ssl encryption was moved to encryption threads (better scalability/performance with ssl)
- Change: Minor optimizations to improve scalability under heavy load conditions

Beta 5.2.3
- New: Client_inbound_bandwidth & Client_outbound_bandwidth
- New: Ident reader capped to 1kb/sec in & out (should be plenty enough)
- Fix: User inbound speedlimit (upload) wasn't working properly
- Change: Inbound_bandwidth => Global_inbound_bandwidth
- Change: Outbound_bandwidth => Global_outbound_bandwidth

Beta 5.2.0
- New: Speedlimits, per user & per device
- New: change <user> speedlimit <dn limit> <up limit>
- New: %[limit(up_speed/dn_speed/ftp_logins/http_logins/telnet_logins)] cookie
- Fix: Scheduled tcl scripts cause ioftpd to crash

Beta 5.1.17
- Fix: Error in DataCopy window message processing
- Change: Compiled using intel compiler
- Change: SITE Command executor is now "smarter":

Beta 5.1.15
- Fix: Removed ugly message box
- Fix: Added several sanity checks to datacopy process (freeing memory area used by pending call, will not cause io to crash anymore)
- Change: Added dedicated threads (2) of higher priority (normal priority) for interprocess datacopying to avoid dead locking, when all worker threads are in use

Beta 5.1.13
- Fix: Infinite loops caused by symbolic links, no longer cause system to crash (set max depth for cwd command to 25)
- Fix: Path resolver returned wrong path in certain (rare) circumstances
- New: iTCL "client" command

Beta 5.1.11
- New: FIFO queues for disk-access

Beta 5.1.9
- Fix: Infinite loop, when stopping active timer that was queueing job for client
- Change: Optimized client job managment

Beta 5.1.8
- Fix: AsyncSelectCancel() was bugged (it didn't wait for timer to stop)
- Fix: Log system had severe bug (logging in io isn't simple writefile().. to minimize thread usage, it uses max 1 worker thread for logging & queues rest of items)
- Fix: Pending AcceptEx() calls failed, when worker threads was shut down
- Fix: Invalid message variables caused crash (those that didn't use $ prefix)
- Change: Optimized timers (I don't think they can be optimized any further)
- Change: Min_Worker_Threads & Max_Worker_Threads ini values were replaced with Worker_Thread_Count

Beta 5.1.7
- Fix: Timers may cause dead-locks
- Fix: Socket closing was not "properly" synchronized, which caused wrong sockets to be closed
- Change: Rewrote listing routine
- Change: Optimized timers
- Change: Optimized message based connect&accept even further
- Change: Several minor optimizations & fixes not worth listing
- New: STAT command
- Fix: Master could not ADDIP on another master

Beta 5.1.5
- New: Configuration file can be specified as parameter to executable (ioftpd.exe d:\foo\ioftpd.ini)
- Fix: TCL module did not return any value
- Fix: Erase of file smaller than 1kb with Modify_Stats_On_Delete caused divide by zero (broke stats)
- Change: Optimized job managment + added priorities for jobs
- Change: Connections are now accepted using AcceptEx
- Change: Optimized message-based socket use (Connect/Accept)
- Change: Active mode transfers are bound to server port - 1
- Change: Some minor optimizations (not worth listing)

Beta 5.1.0
- New: Module support enabled (cookies, events)
- New: More/All headers now in source\include
- Change: Mount tables (.vfs) are no longer cached per session, but per daemon instance (uses less memory)
- Change: Messagefile parser (aka cookieparser) rewritten
- Change: Event handler rewritten
- Notice: "<EventName/SiteCommand> = ..\script.itcl" changed to "<EventName/SiteCommand> = TCL ..\script.itcl"
- Notice: "<EventName/SiteCommand> = ..\script.exe" changed to "<EventName/SiteCommand> = EXEC ..\script.exe"

Beta 5.0.1-13
- Fix: Can't remember..
- Change: Cookie parser rewritten
- Change: SSL routines were rewritten
- Change: Readline routine was rewritten
- Change: SSL now defaults to 64kb transfer decryption buffer for ftp datachannel

Beta 5.0.0
- New: source\Include directory (headers for developers to use)
- New: New window messages
- New: NOT (!) parameter support for commands that allow search parameters (CHANGE, STATS, USERS...)
- New: Added "ShowActivity" config line
- New: !unlock is back
- New: HTTP keep-alive support added
- New: Internal timer thread (nearly 600times faster than old window timers)
- New: Hosts.Rules
- New: Several new error messages
- New: OnDownloadComplete & OnDownloadError events
- New: xferlog (wu-ftpd/proftpd compatible transfer log)
- Fix: Infamous "Service full" bug
- Fix: Secure_Accept() could cause crash on certain circumstances
- Fix: Who shows paths properly
- Fix: Heap still was not properly serialized in unregistered version
- Fix: Bug in Secure_Accept() caused infinite loop under certain circumstances
- Fix: Worker thread counter had bug, that prevented creation of dynamic worker threads
- Fix: Two pointers were uninitialzed (oops)
- Fix: Too much memory was allocated for ident array
- Fix: Telnetd fixed
- Change: text\FTP 'login.msg' was renamed to 'welcome.msg'
- Change: passwd & group file format changed, use for conversion (works for both)
- Change: User that is online may now be deleted
- Change: New, more efficient core
- Change: Userfile caching is now more efficient in both cpu & memory wise
- Change: Groupfiles are now cached
- Change: STATIC structure layout was redesigned
- Change: Shared memory routines, now support event notification
- Change: Cookie parser cleaned up & optimized
- Change: Updated SSL key documentation "-a sha1" to "-a md5" (fixes compatability with several browsers)
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