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ioTRIAL Beta3.05

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가입: 2003년 4월 9일
올린 글: 220
위치: Your Heart.....

 올리기올려짐: 2003-04-21 월 10:35 am    주제: ioTRIAL Beta3.05 인용과 함께 답변 Back to top

Quota 기능이 추가된 beta3 새버젼입니다.

- added support of multi-group (if users is in more than 1 group, and his non-primary group is excempted then the user is exempted.)
- fixed some irc commands and TCL
- added "site quota top X" (users who passed are excluded so this is quiet different than mnup)
- added debuging so you can see what the script has been doing. (I didnt set a file size limit yet so it *might* get huge)
- fixed "site quota top X"
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